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Jan-Jakub V., 19 let

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Stáž: Multi Role UAV aircraft design methods
Ústav: Ústav termomechaniky AV ČR, v. v. i.
Škola: Gymnázium Bohumila Hrabala v Nymburce

1. Proč jste se přihlásili do projektu Otevřená věda Akademie věd ČR a co vás zaujalo na této stáži?
I discovered this program about 6 months ago, when my friend, who is participating in this project, told me about it. I kept it in mind and around a month ago, it was officially introduced to us by our school. I thought it looks really intersting and went to look for an internship that i would be truly intersted in. I told myself, that I will only try to apply if I find something that would really excite me. That is exactly what happened when I found this internship. The topic is something I was interested in for a long time and is also closely related to the areas I want to study at university and potentially work in. On top of that, it could provide me with an exellent amount of experience, ideas and material to write my graduation thesis.

2. Představte si, že jste vynálezci – co byste vynalezli a proč?
When asked this question, multiple project come to my mind. I would like to construct a hypersonic plane that would be efficient, durable and cheap enough to enable hypersonic travel for a great amount of people. Another thing I would like to invent is a rocket capable of travelling to Mars and back with human crew. That ship would also have to be cheap and reusable multiple times, to make Earth to Mars and back trips something common, casual even. My ultimate invention would be a vehicle, which would not only enable humanity to become multiplanetary species, but also to discover space deep beyond our solar system, maybe even beyon the Milky way. Such vehicle would have to be, amongst many other qualities, durable and capable of great speeds, which it seems is sort of a pattern for my desired inventions.

3. Vaše záliby, koníčky:
Even in my free time I sometimes do genuinely enjoy learning about some technologies, aviation or space, often in the form of browsing Wikipedia and then going deeper into what I find. But of course, I don't spend all of my day doing research. When I want to relax and take a break form physics, mathematics and this sort of stuff in general, I play videogames, read books, play chess and often I listen to music while doing these other things. From time to time I also like to watch a good movie. I used to dance latin and standard dances, and now I go to self-defense trainings, which sort of also double as a fitness excercise.

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