Czech Academy of Sciences

Be the HERO of your time!

We are looking for LECTURERS OF SCIENTIFIC INTERNSHIPS for the year 2021!

INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, EDUCATE our young generation!

Prepare INTERNSHIPS for high school students with us!

In 2021 we are going to raise students´awareness of science and research, allow them to access the Czech Academy of Sciences workplace, enhance their interest for study of natural, technical and humanities and social sciences and motivate them to follow career path in sciences at the Czech Academy of Sciences. We would like to achieve all of that through STUDENT INTERNSHIPS, which have been running successfully for years as a part the OPEN SCIENCE project.

We would be thrilled to have you back as our LECTURERS! Each lecturer can choose topic of their intership and pick the most promising young scientist from all students enrolled.

TAKE PART in Open Science project. Become a LECTURER! Prepare internships – FILL IN the form:

In case of approval, your internship will be displayed in our database and offered to high school students. You can offer as many internships with different topics as you want, but you need to fill separate form for each one of them. You can choose up to 3 students of those who enrolled for any particular internship. Students will be allowed to enroll at the beginning of November 2020.


Terms and conditions of lecturing:

  • Only a researcher with an university degree employed at the Czech Academy of Sciences can become a lecturer
  • Internships take place at the Czech Academy of Sciences workplace
  • Internships are designated to high school students
  • Internships can be conducted in English
  • Lecturer can lead up to 3 students at once
  • Internships must run for 12 months from January to December 2021, including summer holidays
  • The minimum time allocation is 8 hours per month
  • Lecturer conduct the internship free of charge
  • Lecturer can obtain one-off contribution in the maximum amount of 3 000 CZK/year per student, this contribution can be used for purchase of consumables needed for the internship such as lab aids, office supplies etc.

Additional information:

In addition to internships, we are preparing an educational program focused on development of students´presentation skills that will be held during Science Fair in June 2021.

In autumn 2021, we are going to held a conference for trainees where they can present results of their work in front of a professional jury.

For more information contact: Zuzana Všetečková,