Přihlašování na stáže Otevřená věda 2019 již skončilo.

Medailonky stážistů OV 2019

Anna Sophia Š., 18 let

fotografie studenta Šafránková Anna Sophia

Stáž: 1.091 Colours of cell life and death
Škola: Gymnázium Milady Horákové

1. Proč ses přihlásila do projektu Otevřená věda Akademie věd ČR a co tě zaujalo na této stáži?
I enrolled into this project because I think it is once in a lifetime chnce for me to gain experience while studying on gymnasium where gaining experience can get pretty hard and is mostly non-existent. Not counting the experience, I think it is a good thing for me to try something challenging and interesting that will bring some unusual aspects not only into my academic life. I picked this internship because I just liked the overall topic and was interesed in trying something new and yet in some ways familiar.

2. Představ si, že jsi vynálezce – co bys vynalezl a proč?
That's really hard and interesting question to answer but if I ever have the chance to become and inventor, I would be interested in finding the solution to the problem that came to the surface during the years of technological development. For ex. computer and its applications. During those years of hurried progression, there wasn't much time to keep in check the safety of users while they were using said technology. It is one of the reasons why the internet is so dangerous because users can get into unsolvable problems in matter of simple clicks and seconds. And if technology is supposed to be our future, I believe there should be something done. But it's hard to say in what way would be this idea great or horrible.

3. Tvoje záliby, koníčky:
I love reading books of any genre. I also like getting my hands on scientific magazines like National Geographic and Ziva. My lifelong hobby is skiing. I started skiing at an early age and even got to a compeating level but sadly I had to give up on my dream. While I enjoy having active hobbies like skiing I also cherish times when I can study not only for school purposes. By doing that I am try to find challenging and unusal topics to learn about.