Přihlašování na stáže Otevřená věda 2019 již skončilo.

Medailonky stážistů OV 2018

Tereza K., 17 let

fotografie studenta Kejvalová Tereza

Stáž: 2.002 Study lanthanide-tagged proteins by vibrational optical activity spectroscopy
Škola: The English College in Prague

1. Proč ses přihlásila do projektu Otevřená věda Akademie věd ČR a co tě zaujalo na této stáži?
I have an undying thirst for knowledge, and this is not only an opportunity to 'hydrate' that thirst, but also this is one of those experiences that I feel will really cement my desire to study chemistry at university.

2. Představ si, že jsi vynálezce – co bys vynalezl a proč?
This one is tricky, as to only choose one thing is difficult. A good inventor would invent as many things as he could dare to. What I would invent, though in this case discover is a better word, would be a new element that I could name after myself and leave a legacy that would ideally follow with more 'legacy-inducing' discoveries, innovations, and inventions.

3. Tvoje záliby, koníčky:
Fencing, Beach Volleyball, Baking, Model United Nations, Acting, Smiling ;).